Infinite login icon

I cant login to my account, after i login in only shows the loading icon forever, it never stops! Even when i refresh it it just keeps loading, i dont see any appeal or nothing, just loading forever. I even try to login using anonymous/private browser, i changed browser, i try on my phone and nothing works, just loading. I want to pay my domains here but i cant because i cant login!

Hi :wave:t6: @lima welcome to the Netlify support forums! I’m not seeing restrictions on your account. Are you still experiencing this issue?

No, someone from your team already solved this issue, thank you.

Oh that’s awesome. Glad to hear it. Thanks for the response.

But now I see a new problem. My websites are down for some reason. The domains and

Hi @lima I see the first site you linked loaded up no problem but I’m having difficultly locating your second domain. Can you please confirm the domain?