Increasing memory for Netlify Functions


I have hit the 1024MB limit for a Netlify function, presumably due to the use of headless Chrome. It had been working fine, but I assume it was right up against the limit and the growth of other resources it uses have taken it over.

In this post it’s mentioned that it’s possible to up the memory limit to 3GB. What’s the process to do this?


Hi @JasonDilworth56 :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums and thanks so much for reaching out. We can do the upgrade on our end. What is the memory limit you would like upgraded to you? Also what sites or would you like it applied to all the sites you have on your pro plan?

Hi @SamO, thanks for the reply!
2GB should be fine, if we start going over that we’re likely to have other problems… There’s a couple of sites on my plan that do similar things so it would be simpler to apply it to all thanks. Would that change apply to future sites as well?

Hi @JasonDilworth56 ,

The memory for functions has been increased. Can you please redeploy to activate?

That looks like it’s worked, thanks so much @SamO for being so quick :slight_smile: