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Increasing build timeouts

Hey there Perry, thanks for supporting us in evaluating the error. I’ve attached a screenshot from when the error occurred and its compilation messages thereafter.

Let us know what your gut may be saying…

Perry asked for the link rather than a screenshot, but I found that build. It is what Perry described: you overuse available memory in the build environment and you’ll need to scale back usage to complete that build successfully :slight_smile: . Or , to put another way, nothing to do with our time limits.

This doc has some more details on what is available and some tips on how to stay within those limits:

Hi @perry!

Would you please increase our build timeout to 45 minutes for:
ID: 0275f532-00f0-480f-9544-d3e34b5ac222

We just created this one and it looks to be timing out after only 2 mins.


Could we set our default to 30 minutes, too?

hey dan - that site is now at 45 mins. can you try and deploy again? I will chat with a support engineer and see if we can set your default to 30 minutes. If we can, I’ll let you know!

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hej dan,

we were able to set you up with a 1 hr default build time limit for all new sites. Don’t hesitate to give us a shout if that doesn’t work for some reason.

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Hello, may I have a build timeout extended to 45 mins? It is a portfolio site with many images. Would be greatly appreciated! The site API ID is:


Thanks a ton!

Hey there, we’ve bumped that up for you. Our sales/solutions team may reach out to you to discuss your requirements going forward!


Hi there, please can we have the timeouts for following Site IDs up’d to 45 minutes?

  • 073bc2ff-1775-4f1d-956c-d7121d080cfa
  • e4c724e5-0204-4841-b874-db8d38f216bc
  • 8ad36bfc-162f-44c0-bcf9-afdec713bfdb
  • f08d96da-035f-4008-b6a3-260af9ed999b
  • d01d23db-e3f7-47f9-a453-484d980a5c27

We’re working to bring those build times down but this will help us get unstuck.

Thanks very much.

hi there @jdubs - you are now at 45 minutes for all of those sites. Enjoy!

Hi perry.

Could you increasing build time on my site ?(60min is the best for me)

Site name is “bikehub”.
API ID is 77f442a0-fa36-4d86-bb31-a63d5e4e325e.

Best rgards

Dear @perry

Sorry I forgot mention to you .

Could you increase build time ?

hi there @yuta-hidaka, we just changed the build time to 60 minutes. let me know if this doesn’t work for some reason.


Thank you so much quick response!

I’m using EXPO with nextjs.
And I’m trying to generate page using SSG, and page is around 9000 pages.(I use to use SSR off course that was ok)

So first build was took so long time.

I’ll trying reducing build time watch with Netlify blog.

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Dear @perry.

Thank you for the last time that helping to me.

I was retry to the building site but soooo close to the finish .

That took 63 min to finish .

So if don’t mind could you increase the build time to 90 min ?

hi there, we increased the build time to 90 minutes, do let us know if this works or not!

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