Increasing build timeouts

Hi @perry!

Would you mind increasing the build time outs for app? The API ID is 2fd829df-007f-4860-9d08-11b0846da569


you got it, @stevezehngut - you are at 30mins.

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Another one here - our build is going slightly over the timeout, is it possible to increase?

Site name: silverseacom
API ID: 468c4351-26c5-484b-8bcd-73b498ffe025

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Just done that for you now, James! :tada:

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:wave: I’m looking for an increased build timeout as well here (30mins would be great)!
API ID: 490c4d8c-1af8-464e-87f2-4d4c19b1ea4b

You’ll need to get a credit card added to your account first, @jouni. You can do so here:

It is quite likely that a longer build timeout will result in build minutes overage usage. You’ll want to check out this article around how to control that usage:

Once the card is in place, we’ll be able to up the build timeout for you.

Oh, darn – I thought I had done that already (I’m already over free minutes) – credit card added!

no problem, just updated for you!

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can you increase our timeout to 30min?

site name: feature-litigate
API ID: a2d2c723-d584-434b-a461-5e840c8d9928

We are having the same timeout problem. Can we get an increase on the timeout too. Its really prohibiting us from updating our site.

Name: new-fairtrade
ID: 34faf2b5-2fd8-4b6d-8f73-e001dc3b3cf2


hey @oz-litigate, and @Malthe, your sites are now both at 30 mins build time. enjoy.

Hi @perry, can you please increase the timeout to 60 minutes on this site?

site name:
App id: 54e61214-c7c1-4e8e-bca5-fd242224e650

hey there!

Awesome! I’d love to pull a lever on this, but a 60 min build time involves connecting you 1:1 with one of our team - we may be able to find a custom solution that works more efficiently. I’ve passed on your info and we’ll reach out, and upgrade the build time as soon as we’re able. stay tuned!

looks like this is already in the works - you are bumped to 60 mins :slight_smile:


Would you please increase our build timeout to 30 mins? This is for API ID: a52d787b-5925-443b-a6df-690af9115519 (tankstaging).


Hi, @Dan_Pearce. The build time limit has been increased for that site. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Can you please increase the build timeout for below sites.

  1. 5656b512-d379-4016-9ea7-0fdf5f18ad4e
  2. 80bb6fb1-bbf4-4b86-a2e8-7210a0cd4802

Also this seems to be an issue for many, would it not be better to update the overall timeout to 30 mins for paid plans who are already paying for build minutes.


hey there naveen, we bumped those sites up to 30 mins! we are working on a less manual workflow - that would be ideal for us as well :wink:


Can I get increase as well for this: 7103fe91-4b6e-453f-b6f9-9afb166ecaba

hi @erkeen, we’d love to bump you up to 30 mins! but at the moment i see no credit card on file for you. it is a requirement to have one so we can automatically bill you should you require more build minutes. Let me know when you have added a card!