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Increasing build timeouts

Hi, my builds are hitting the 15m timeout. How do I increase the timeout?


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hi @GameLynx, do you have a credit card on file? We’ll need to check that so i’d need a site or account name. We need that so we can automatically bill in case you go over in build minutes.

As soon as we’ve verified that, we can pull a lever to extend your build timeout to 30m mins :+1:

Thanks @perry that sounds great! The website is www.gamerhub.gg, and we should have a credit card on file.

can you tell me the netlify site name (not custom domain?) that is faster for me to go look up :fast_forward:

@perry yes, sorry, it’s gamerhub! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

we took care of that for you! Let us know if you need anything else.

Excellent, it seems to be working. Thank you for the help!

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Hi Perry, I’m having the same issue. Extending to 30min would be great: the team is rasahq

hi there, i see a bunch of different sites in your account - but none that matches that name specifically. Can you provide the API ID (safe to share publicly) for the site where you would like to extend the build timeout? thanks.

Hi Perry, sure—the site where we’d like to extend to 30min timeout has this API ID:



Sure thing, just got that updated for you.

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Hi, I’m having the same issue with several of our sites. Could we get the timeout extended to 30 minutes as well please? The site names are app.sandbox.relayplatform.com, app.qa.relayplatform.com, app.demo.relayplatform.com and app.relayplatform.com.


howdy, can you tell me a team name or netlify site name for one of these, please?

Sure thing, the Netlify site names are relayplatform-app-sandbox, relayplatform-app-qa, relayplatform-app-demo, relayplatform-app and the team name is Relay Platform (info@relayplatform .com).


Could you please extend the build timeout of our site?
The API ID :


Hi, @mathieu. It has been increased to 30 minutes for that site. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Hello, may I have a build timeout extended to 30 mins? The site API ID is:


Thanks a ton!

hi there, we have updated your build timeout to 30 minutes :slight_smile:

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Hi @perry and the netlify support team! We’d love to get our timeout extended to 30min. The site name is techarenan. Thanks!

hi there, we took care of that for you!