Increase @netlify/plugin-gatsby Function timeout

We are trying to implement DSG on our website (specifically Antler)

Currently we are deferring all the blog pages except the first 10 latest blogs.

For building deferred pages we are using @netlify/plugin-gatsby which uses "__dsg" function to build pages, but seems like there is an issue with the function timeout. I have attached the screenshot of the same.

Can you increase the function timeout limit to max?
Also, Is there anything missing which needs to be done to make DSG work on the website?

Hey there, @naman.parashar :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out and welcome to the Netlify Forums! You’ll need to have a Pro plan for a functions timeout increase. Once your upgrade your plan, you can write back here and we will increase your functions timeout for you!

Hello @hillary ,

Thank you for the quick response, the account through which the website is deployed is, so can you increase the function timeout limit for that account and specifically Antler’s website.

hi there @naman.parashar ,

we just upgraded both sites under the antler team to a 26 second functions timeout! enjoy.

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