Increase Netlify Function timeout

Sitename: maintainer-ui under org Flossbank

We need to increase the timeout of our netlify functions beyond the 10 seconds that seems to be the limit. I noticed another answer where you all just modified it for the customer Request to increase functions timeout for API processes

we’d like to be able to configure this, is there a way to do that? maybe in a .toml config or is there a UI setting I couldn’t find?

we have many sites we’d like to do this for in case of long running API calls

thank you!

hi there flossbank, we’d be happy to upgrade you to a 26 sec timeout, but we do have a requirement for a Pro account or higher for us to make this change.

If you’d still like us to proceed, please do let us know when you have upgraded, and we can make the appropriate change!

Hi Perry! We’re OSS and will be trying to qualify for the Open Source Plan Policy Open Source Plan so i’ll keep you posted and then hopefully you can help us up the timeout. Thanks!

hi there,

sounds good. Just let us know when you have been approved and we can make the change!