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Increase Function timeouts

Hi Netlify Team,

I’m writing to request an increase of function timeout limit from 10s to maximum (26s).

We have the Pro plan and need that increase for our functions to be able to upload files.

Our account is under: admin, the sites would be “staging.game-changer.vc” and “www.game-changer.vc”.

Let me know if you need another identifier.


Hi @game-changer-vc,

It has been done for both the websites.

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Hi :slight_smile:

unfortunately i get again a timeout after 10s…
does this need to be applied every time we deploy? :sweat_smile:

5:00:18 PM: 53e4347a ERROR Task timed out after 10.01 seconds

Hi @game-changer-vc

Does it happen for both the websites? I’m sure I had changed it, but I can definitely recheck.

unfortunately we cant test www., as we didnt deployed this one with the latest state currently…
but for staging. we get still a timeout after 10s…

let me know if you need more detailed infos :slight_smile:

Oops, yes, my bad. I did it twice for the same website probably.

You should now be good to go.

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thx, its updated :slight_smile:

btw. is there a possibility, as we dont want to upload files directly from the webpage to our crm, that we can have >26s for a specific endpoint? :slight_smile:

Hey there, @game-changer-vc :wave:

Good question! Functions timeout is capped at 26 seconds (max). For more than that, you would have to use Background Functions, which allow you to set up serverless function processes that run up to 15 minutes.

For more information on Background Functions, take a look at the Netlify Docs.

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