Increase function timeout


Is it possible to increase the timeout for the functions hosted on my site to the maximum 26/28 second limit?

Site name: “expenses-web”
Function names: “sync” and “negotiate”
Plan: Starter


hey @geekykaran , we’d be happy to, but you would need to upgrade to a Pro plan first before we can make this change. Let us know when/if you’d like to do this, and we can make get your timeout extended.

hey @perry thanks for your reply. It was unclear from the pricing page that this needed buying a pro plan. I saw a bunch of users getting their timeout upgraded so thought this was available for everyone.

Hi again, yes, sorry to disappoint - that is a paid feature and always has been - and isn’t actually mentioned on the pricing page, to my knowledge. If you can point me to where you saw starter tier customers getting access to this for free, i’ll be happy to look into it.