Increase function timeout to 26 secs?

Hi, is it possible to upgrade the 10 second timeout for our site? We are working on moving the code to background functions, but it would really help out if we could get longer timeouts in the mean time. Thanks!

Site id: fc6fb8d6-f517-4f39-9078-3f53ef88f387 / effervescent-buttercream-0e2958

Hi @troknil :wave:

I’ve bumped up the site functions timeout to help.

To activate the new settings, you will need to deploy your site again. Once that is done you’ll have 26 instead of 10 seconds for the function to complete.

Just out of curiosity, what are the requirements to have functions timeout bumped? Does it depend on a team plan, or maybe there is something else, that isn’t mentioned in this conversation?

Hi, in order for you to get function timeout increases you need to be on pro plan or higher. You can check out Netlify Pricing and Plans for more!

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