Increase function timeout limits - from 10s to maximu (26s)

Hi Netlify Team,

I’m writing to request an increase of function timeout limit from 10s to maximum (26s).

We have the Pro plan for Functions, our account is under: airgraft dev, and the site is called “headshop”. We had the timeout increased before for our production environment, but we now need the timeout increased for all environments: branch-deploy, deploy-preview and production.

Let me know if you need another identifier.



Nope, that’s great. Just got that updated for you.

To activate the change, you’ll need to make - in each active PR and branch we build (including production), either a change to your BUILT functions’ source code on disk (so, adding a trailing space will probably be optimized out; adding a change to a logline probably won’t), or add/remove/change an environment variable set in the UI.

The build on each branch/PR following such a change, will activate the new settings on that branch or PR.