Incorrect API response when using Stellate together with Netlify


I’ve recently started experimenting with Stellate for 2 of my NextJS sites. Stellate works as a proxy for your API calls and acts as a cache. This is when I encountered issues with the response of my api calls.

I target my api route for each site using an env variable. Originally, this points towards my graphql endpoint in WP. I’ve therefore changed the target of my env variable to target Stellate instead of WP directly.

For my site e0c5d382-f9e0-4200-bf77-14635292a363 this is working as intended, I make my calls through Stellate and I get the correct response.

However, for my site 6f06bc34-52d8-46cf-a8b2-b6084c0d5c59 I’m instead getting the API responses for my site e0c5d382-f9e0-4200-bf77-14635292a363 which is incredibly strange.

I’ve debugged my Stellate configs, and they’re all correct. Querying my Stellate route directly gets the correct results. The issue occurs when I deploy the site 6f06bc34-52d8-46cf-a8b2-b6084c0d5c59 and make the API calls through the site API routes.

Example x-nf id: 01HA70K2ZFG8Z0QGCM43MC669S - you see that the response is the same as for 01HA70N6HQ0M4APD1JBXRGJ6Y5 - this is what’s incorrect and should not be happening.

Hopefully you can help clear things out as I have no idea why this is happening.

Thanks in advance

Just to add to this. I’ve made sure that the value of the env variable is correctly set. Still I’m getting incorrect api responses.

We’ve responded to your ticket in the helpdesk.

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