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Incomplete Build

When I deploy the preview branch of my site I get incomplete builds. Sometimes I get nothing (Page Not Found) some times I get incomplete builds in the footpaths section. For example, Accessible Duffield isn’t being generated. I can see no errors in the logs and downloading the build from the deploy details is also missing content. The only thing I can see is that the footpath generation from Sanity shows this – “Benchmark (Data): ./src/_data/footpaths.js took 648ms (41.1%)”. Is it timing out? Are there other logs that might give more info?

Hi @accessibleduffield,

I’m not sure what you mean. The link that you’ve provided works normally, but by the description of your problem, it should not. If you could elaborate, it might help us understand the problem better.

Additionally, if you can send links of the errors as you say Page Not Found, etc. that would help too.

Thanks for looking at this @hrishikesh

I have rebuilt the site by pushing a minor update via Git so all the pages are now built.

This is an Eleventy site with the data for the footpath content coming from Sanity.

Whenever I make a content change in Sanity and deploy the update I either get a “Page Not Found” across the whole site or the later footpath pages aren’t built. This is confirmed by the Netligy deploy download of the build. Either I only get assets like CSS and some images or footpath HTML files are missing. The Deploy Summary says “All files already uploaded” but this is one of the deploy previews with only asset content – https://60f7d6d50ce529dce6d39bab--accessibleduffield.netlify.app/

A “Retry deploy > Deploy site” or “Retry deploy > Clear cache and deploy site” doesn’t improve matters.

I don’t see any errors in the Netlify Deploy Log apart from the “Benchmark” note of the time taken.

Obviously this all works perfectly locally and has been working in production for a number of weeks.

Is there some other log that has more detail about what it’s actually done?

interesting - do you have a repo we can look at?

@perry Thanks, sure – GitHub - accessibleduffield/www