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Include new branch sub-domain to my ssl certificate


according to this guide I’m supposed to ask in this forum to extend my ssl certificate to a new branch sub-domain.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @feinarbyte,

Yes, but we’d also need to know your website domain and the branch name that you wish to add. Would you be willing to help us with that?

Hi @hrishikesh,

thanks for your reply.
Sure, but I don’t want to disclose the domain publicly. The project ends with -1c7d6 and the branch is staging. If you need more information, is there any chance to send it in a private way?

Hi @feinarbyte,

That info was enough. But, I can see that you’ve added the staging domain as the domain alias. Do you want a branch domain or an alias as I can see, the staging domain has already been added in the certificate.

This was not intentional, I just removed the alias.
We want to use the branch deploy feature.

Hi @feinarbyte I don’t think you’re using Git-based deploys. Your deploys seem to be done via CLI and branch-subdomains doesn’t support this configuration yet.

That’s unfortunately true. Thanks for your support!