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Incident: truncated pages on netlify

today we had an issue with pages that were truncated on our service.

we have found the source of the error and are working on a repair. As a temporary fix, please trigger redeploy - that should resolve the problem. if it does not, please let us know right away!

I am closing all other threads and pointing you to this one as a central place to discuss the issue. thanks for sticking this out with us!

please comment below, including your site URL, if you are still experiencing issues after redeploying so we can investigate.


Hello again, folks!

Wanted to give a status update on this situation:

We completed our work to resolve this incident across our CDN about 15 minutes ago, so you should no longer see any truncated content being served for your sites.

If you still see any truncated content from any of your Netlify-hosted URL’s, please respond with the exact URL and the x-nf-request-id HTTP response header from it, so we can help diagnose further and fix if necessary. You can find more information about that HTTP response header in this post


Thank you for a speedy fix. Great work.

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thank you for your patience on this - we obviously never want our customers to run into issues like these, but we are doing a lot of investigating and going to make sure this can’t happen again!