[Incident] Err_too_many_redirects and not loading resources


My website is hosted by github at peterphalen.github.io. I have been using netlify to get a custom domain name, accessible at www.peterphalen.com.

The github address is working just fine, however, the peterphalen.com address loads slowly, sometimes doesn’t display icons or images, and in certain cases doesn’t load at all (e.g., www.peterphalen.com/cv throws an err_too_many_redirects, whereas http://peterphalen.github.io/cv does not).

Any idea what’s going on?

Thank you!

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hi there, we are currently experiencing issues with our CDN - we are actively working to resolve. This is where you will find the most up to date information:


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Hi, I got this error when I tried to access my website:

This page isn’t working

plataforma.apollopartners.com.br redirected you too many times.

netlify site name: plataforma-apollo.netlify.app
custom domain: https://plataforma.apollopartners.com.br/

The website was working until yesterday.

Can you help me please?


Think I just got that fixed up for you - can you confirm if working better now? If not, please send along the value of the x-nf-request-id HTTP response header for a failing request if possible, if not, the exact URL would be helpful as well.

Hi! Thanks for your quick response. It’s working right now! Thanks again!

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Hey !
Some help would be highly appreciated.
Sometimes this error pops up and sometimes the url just works fine.

domain - https://www.2bound.in
netlify site name - vigilant-lamarr-a5998a

hi there,

we aren’t really able to debug this without more specific information, i’m afraid. This can be due to having redirects on your site, but potentially other causes as well. Are you seeing a pattern in when this occurs?

Do you have a _redirects file? if so, what is in it?