Inappropriate placement of ads in the Netlify dashboard

Hey dear people at Netlify!

In general I very much love what you are doing and because of that I also just needed to write to you today.

I logged in to a clients Netlify account and saw this big new element with the faces of some random influencers advertising “Netlify Stories”:

“Share your web development journey with other Netlify users and become world famous as as a Netlinfluencer! Read the announcement blog post!”

I feel that this is really the wrong place to advertise something like this.

This is a dashboard, not a billboard.
This feels like Wordpress, where all kinds of installed plugins would force all kind of unwanted content on you.

This feels like an intrusion of something into the dashboard that doesn’t belong there.

Maybe there were elements like this before there as well? If so, I didn’t see or notice them. Normally the notification bell is reserved for informing about new features, betas, etc.

I just wanted to tell you that and don’t require an answer. I actually created an account to be able to communicate this, but won’t be in here to discuss this.
Just an opinion and maybe some food for thought.

All the best and have a wonderful week.

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This is an Aprils fools joke, right?

If so, I am nevertheless still a little disgrunted about the placement, but oh well.


Now I am fine with this, haha.

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Well played, team. Well played.


What a rollercoaster! :clap:

I, and the rest of the team, are glad that you see the funny side to this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:!


And I, as a customer, am incredibly relieved, that we are still on the same page on this issue. :smile:

Great execution, I have to admit!
You got me pretty darn well!

You should track the conversion rate of people signing up to the forum to complain about this :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking closer and spotting that this was indeed a joke. And apologies if it caused any anxiety!

It would be nice to pretend that this was indeed a clever scheme to entice more people to create accounts here in this forum… but alas… no, wait… yeah, that was always the plan!

Rest assured tomorrow this addition to the UI will be but a fond memory.


You gotta risk some to win some :slight_smile:

This one you clearly won :medal_sports: