Images do not present on Netlify after deploying, but they work well on the local host

I’m having the same similar issue .but mine is next js most of my images in the hero section are not displaying even my tailwind css responsive is not displaying the way it is displayed locally on my localhost …

@jennifer-pecky I can’t see any obvious issue with your site, but if you haven’t fixed it you should probably create a new thread of your own to get assistance.

It’s probably something simple, but I don’t help with Next related issues due to the middleware and added complexity of the system.

@nathanmartin hey, can u help me? my images don’t appear when i did the deploy, some images are ok and appear, but others images do not appear or are corrupted. The link of site is
I’ve tried to change the path of images, but this didn’t work

@alihps When seeking assistance you should create your own thread, this one is more than a year old.

I can’t help you, outside of providing a pointer that whatever you’re working with appears to be generating transparent images.

Which you can see here:

With the image itself being at:

Remembering that if there was nothing there, it would be return a 404:

Hi @nathanmartin, I’m facing a similar issue as almost everyone here. I deployed a tailwind CSS and HTML project on Netlify. However, the images do not come up as they are on my local host. I tried everything I could. Please help me resolve this.
Github link: GitHub - TubiOb/Incover_Receipt
The whole codebase is in the build folder.

@TubiOb My wild guess is that you just aren’t deploying the images:

Your images are in build/assets, but you’re probably deploying build/public.

Only the files in the Publish directory get deployed.

Your reference to ../assets/Insurance provider card.png for example would exist locally, but not on Netlify.

Make sure whatever files you want to deploy are in your Publish directory and that your file paths are set accordingly.


I discovered that was the issue, and I have rectified it. Thank you so much for the help, Nathan.

Hello, i am having same issue. After changing the link netlify gave me in my project, the images dont come up. Am i to up deploy to git along with my build file for images to know the path? please help as i have same problem with 2 projects. In my gitignore i have build there so it doesnt get deplyoed.

@toyorcee Sorry I’m struggling to understand your issue.

Edit: I’ve just seen your other thread (Images do not come up on netlify app) so will respond there.