Image processing functions


I need to have image processing (convert pdf to jpg and so on).

Can I manipulate images using the edge/server functions? Is that allowed?

After the manipulation I need to send it to my Amazon S3 to host them, and update the url in the database (I might use MongoDB Atlas, but not sure yet)

Please let me know :slight_smile:

Also another question. I’m not fully sure from your website if there’s a limit in how many websites I can have on Netlify Pro?



Hi @elron,

Edge Functions are limited to 50ms of execution time. What you’re looking for is most likely not possible using Edge Functions. However, you can use regular or Netlify Functions to achieve what you need.

You can have unlimited sites on any account level (including starter). To prevent abuse, we have a soft limit of number of sites, which you can get raised by contacting us.

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