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Image on my site takes some time to load, what should I do?

My website https://www.tetizeraz.com.br/ has a profile picture that “weights” some 700 KB. However, it takes some time to load from what I see and what a friend said. I then read about Git LFS, and I’m wondering if that could work. However, if I were to use Git LFS, would I still be able to use Forestry.io to add images to my repository, or it doesn’t work like that?

Hi @Tetizeraz

You could use Git LFS, Cloudinary, ImageKit, or other image provider to host full-size images, and load them at the required size on your page. How these work with Forestry I cannot say.

A simpler option is to use something like Squoosh (also a CLI) to resize your images first. For instance, the illustration on your site (you and your cat perhaps?) gets reduced from 718KB to 39KB.