I'm receiving an 'Account is not activated' error when attempting to upgrade my account

As the title suggests, I’m attempting to upgrade to a paid account in order to deploy a private repo, and I’m receiving the following error message:

unable to create subscription: [{:code=>53000020, :message=>“Account is not activated.”}]

This is an ecommerce site that I’ve connected with Shopify, and I’m unable to test anything related to the shop until I can get this hosted somewhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Sorry about that, @samlynndavis . I’ve made a change on our end that should unblock you. Would you mind trying that upgrade one more time please? Thank you.

I just happened to try again moments before you replied, and it went through successfully.

I don’t think I’m in the free trial period, though, but that’s fine as I plan to continue with a paid plan for the foreseeable future.


Awesome. Thanks for letting us know! (: have a nice day.