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I'm experiencing Error: Another site is already using this domain

Hey there,

I created a Netlify account several months ago for a website for my business. I setup the custom domain and then lost access to my password manager due to a mishap and had too many emails to manage so I can’t recover the account. I’ve created a new account and I’m trying to reconfigure my custom domain with the new account but I’m getting the error >>Error: Another site is already using this domain<<

Can you please help me unlink the domain or tell me the email address associated to the account so I can recover it?

My new project is https://hopeful-hopper-92a939.netlify.app and the custom domain is digitalelunaire.ca.

Thank you in advance

Kara Luna Graysen

Hi @noisypigeon,

I can see multiple conflicts with this:

  1. The website you mentioned doesn’t seem to exist.
  2. The domain you mentioned already exists in the account with same email address as the forums.
  3. The domain is not connected to any other website.

Have you managed to fix this?

Hey @hrishikesh!

Thank you for following up. I deleted it in hopes that trying again would fix it, sorry about that. The new Netlify link is https://pedantic-noyce-820888.netlify.app/ but it’s pointing to https://noisypigeon.com.

I’ll try to add it again and report back if it works or not.

Hey @hrishikesh,

I just checked and it’s still not working. I tried removing the domain from settings and adding it again but I now see this error:

Can you please help me clear the domain’s state so it can be added again?


Hi @noisypigeon,

The domain has been unlinked from the conflicting account and you should be able to use it now.

Thank you! I am able to add the domain now.