If-Modified-Since HTTP header


I have been working to get my site to pass multiple SEO checklists. The one that is easiest to use is varvy.com.

I am currently getting that I am not returning the “If-Modified-Since HTTP header” on my resources. I have Google’d and Google’d to try and find how to solve this on Netlify. Could someone please point me to smoe more guidance? Thanks!

Hi Bennie,

In general, If-Modified-Since shouldn’t be needed as our CDN works a bit differently than many other systems! There’s an article with some more details and explanations of why we have some things set up in counterintuitive way - including which headers we send and why: Better Living Through Caching

Having said that, if you’d still like to set additional headers like If-Modified-Since you can do so by configuring custom headers for your content.