If I enable Netlify analytics, will I be shown any data from past months?

Had a dev build on Netlify which ended up being used for a couple days in production with quite a few people taking a look at it. Now that it’s in the client’s hands, there hasn’t been any traffic. However, a prospective client is interested in using analytics for our project and would like an example of what the baseline Netlify analytics offer. I’m assuming it won’t begin tracking users until the $9 is paid for, but figured I’d ask here just in case it might. Thanks for any help!

Well, Netlify is already collecting Analytics for your website as it’s a server and a server anyways automatically logs the visitors. The $9 option just shows that data to you. Also, the data is limited to 30 days, I guess. I had read it somewhere and I don’t remember the source now. So, I might be wrong if this has changed or something.