Identity's service Git Gateway is disabled for self hosted Gitlab

I’m using self-hosted Gitlab with a repo that has Netlify CMS and Identity service enabled but the Gateway service is disabled.

Does the identity service using the gateway only work for non-self-hosted repos?

Tis a good question and I have asked the team for clarity since I don’t know of anyone successfully using that configuration. I can’t find a paid account for you and self-hosted repo support ( is only available to paid accounts, so could I ask how you have a site linked to that repo? Perhaps I’m missing some second account you have, so the name or API ID of the site you are trying to configure this on might be helpful so I can peek at your configuration.

Thanks. I also emailed you. My support user isn’t tied to my business plan’s user, my fault.

My backend config.yml is:

  name: git-gateway
  branch: staging

Not sure what else I can do to get that gateway feature enabled.

Thanks for the clarity on your account level - let’s keep working on this in the helpdesk since that will go far faster :slight_smile:

For others who arrive here later, I see that Tom’s account and site is correctly configured for self hosted gitlab in a way that our team intends for it to work with git gateway - but I can also see the same thing as you in our UI, with the section grayed out.

I filed a bug for our team to work on and will follow up on it here and in the helpdesk thread as things develop.

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