Identity: on (branch) subdomain and/or multiple login protected areas

The default widget (free plan) seems to work with the main page / homepage.

Can I use it

  1. on some (branch) subdomain - even there maybe not on the main page
    Identity-generated emails | Netlify Docs
  2. multiple login protected areas (on different subdomains)?
    Just use different roles to distinguish the different protected areas?
    But cannot set different paths for e-mails, right?

Thanks in advance for your help!

EDIT: solved, I guess

/admin/*          200!  Role=admin
/admin/*  /login  401!

I modified it to

/protected/index  /protected/content  200!  Role=admin,otherRole
/protected/*  200!  Role=admin,otherRole
/protected/*  /protected/index  401!

Where index.html is the welcome / login page and content.html is the login protected content.
The role for the user is set on
This seems to work (no .html with asset optimization - pretty URLs).

Hiya @net-user :wave:t6: ! Welcome back to the forums. Thank you for reaching back out to us and letting us know what worked for you! This will help other users who encounter the same or similar problems troubleshoot. We really appreciate it. :netliconfetti: