Identity-generated emails in different languages


We’re in the process of translating our app in different languages and found no obvious way to provide translations for the Identity-generated email templates Identity-generated emails | Netlify Docs

Did I miss something or is this not possible?


Hi, do you mean conditionally changing the email text to match the recipient’s locale? I’m not sure this is possible with the existing Identity API, feel free to log a feature request with the “feature” category though :slight_smile:

I’d suggest a work around of having a “see email in browser for different languages” button then display the email dynamically on a website which is far easier to work with.


Where can I log the feature request? Here in the support forums?

Yes you can create a new topic with category “feature request” outlining specifically what your use case is and how it could be implemented.

I’d suggest something like… passing data to Identity email API and then conditionally checking the locale (e.g data.locale). I think this would be comparable with the current system as it uses Go Templating Syntax

Usually it would be a GitHub issue but I don’t think the Identity API is open source.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification, will do!