Identity emails translation / localization

I can’t find a way to translate the emails used by the Identity service (confirmation, password recovery…). My pbl is that my site is in french, identity widget appears correctly in french too but the emails are still in english !!! Not all people are english speakers !
If I perfectly understand that you want to keep email customization for paid plans, could you at least localize these emails according to the local passed when initializing identity (as you already do with the UI - modals, login, account creation…) ?
99$/month for this seems a lot :wink:
Thank you,

hey there fabrice,

thanks for pointing this out! in researching this for you, we actually realized the pricing page is a little out of date and not as clear as it could be.

in order to customize identity templates, for example for localisation like you are wanting to do, you do not need Level 1 ($99 a month), you just need to be a Pro customer ($19 a month).

i know that that is more than $0, but not as expensive as what you were thinking.

you can upgrade in the Netlify UI and then you should be able to customize your templates.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Ok, Thank you. But could you at least localize the emails as you did with the rest of identity UI ?

Netlify Identity Widget and the Netlify Identity are two different things. The locale that you set in the widget has nothing to do with the localisation of Netlify Identity. The service is based on:

The Identity Widget is an app written in React. The Identity UI is not localised, just the Widget’s UI is. It’s more likely done by open source contributions. Our team is small and doesn’t include speakers of a lot of languages just yet. While localisation sounds like a great idea, that would need a separate team to translate and patch each of those strings in the codebase. While we would like to do that some day, our team doesn’t have the bandwidth for that at the moment.

I’ve passed your feedback on to the team, and we’d update the thread if something changes, but I won’t expect the changes to happen very soon.

I would happily help to translate those strings in french, german, spanish and italian if that is possible !
Let me know !
Thank you.

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