Identity (admin login) problems


I was using this guide to create my first ever website. I connected my GitHub account to Netlify, and followed the guide up to where it instructs to access the Netlify admin page to view the content management panel and begin publishing content.

However, although I am able to access Netlify pages such as the settings at, when I access, I am asked to login to Netlify, even though I thought I was already logged in. If I try to log in with those details, it says “no such user”, and likewise if I use the ‘forgotten password’ link, I get “User not found”.

Are and two different services, or what am I getting wrong here? Many thanks for any help!

The identity widget and the Netlify login are indeed two separate login services. You can add users in the identity panel @ or, if you have the signup tab enabled, you can register through the identity widget.


Ah yes, thank you so much, problem solved!

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