I18n + nested collections doesn't show entire collection

Hi all,

I’m trying to set-up Netlify CMS with i18n (en + es) and nested collections.
As both seem to be beta features, I’m not sure if this would even work together. Hope someone can shed some light on this.

I’ve created a demo repo, with a basic configuration that I believe should work. The CMS however only shows the first content item.

If I understand it correctly;
The title is usually used for the slug, but with i18n I want different titles for each language.
The identifier field is therefore used for consistency between the two.
The meta path is used to specify the (sub-)folder.

See screenshots, config, and demo repo below.

Looking forward to any feedback…

Folder structure & CMS view

  name: github
  repo: wslyvh/cms
  branch: main

media_folder: static/assets/uploads/images
public_folder: /assets/uploads/images

  structure: multiple_folders
  locales: [en, es]
  default_locale: en

  - name: 'pages'
    label: 'Pages'
    label_singular: 'Page'
    folder: 'src/content/pages'
    identifier_field: identifier
    create: true
    i18n: true
      depth: 100
      - { name: 'identifier', label: 'id', widget: 'string', i18n: 'duplicate' }
      - { name: 'title', label: 'Title', widget: 'string', i18n: true }
      - { name: 'body', label: 'Body', widget: 'markdown', i18n: true }
      - { name: 'order', label: 'Order', widget: 'number', i18n: 'duplicate', required: false, value_type: 'int', min: 1, max: 1000, step: 1 }
    meta: { 
      path: { 
        name: 'path', 
        label: 'Path', 
        widget: 'string', 
        i18n: false, 
        index_file: 'index', 
        hint: 'Path can be a sub-folder (e.g. main/sub)' 

Github repo:

Hi @wslyvh and sorry for the late reply.

Do you mind opening an issue for that?

We’ll have to think how to make those work together as nested collections let you override entries locations and i18n groups translated entries together.

Hi, no worries.

Is it correct then that these features don’t work well together?
An issue is created at:

In the meantime, I’ve used a workaround and created a parent field for each page to mimic nested collections on the front-end.

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I’ll need to verify, we haven’t tested those together.