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I uploaded 983 blogpost and now I am the site fails to deploy

I need the advice to debug deploy Netlify App

The live site is here https://elegant-wozniak-61713e.netlify.app

So shifting from Ghost to Hugo and added one blogpost and the blogpost was immediately available in the next deployment. So I added all my 983 blogposts but now after trying 2/3 times to deploy it failed all the time.

Have I crossed the free plan limit or there is something else which went wrong?

Error: Error building site: "/opt/build/repo/site/content/post/june-first-week-newsletter.md:55:1": failed to extract shortcode: template for shortcode "gallery" not found

In the file site/content/post/june-first-week-newsletter.md you have used the shortcode

{{< gallery >}}

however according to the error message, there is no template for it, or it wasn’t found.

Woah! Site deployed with all off my 982 blogpost from Ghost!

The support is highly appreciated. :slight_smile: