I still can see my old website, which I've already deleted it

the domain of the old website, which I’ve already deleted from netlify but it still appears in google, is : “https://lucas-brumatti.netlify.app/”. And the new one is: “https://lucasbrumatti.netlify.app/”.
First of all, I don’t know why the new one appears under the old one like this.

Even when I have only the new site deployed in netlify.

I hope you can help me. Thanks.

Hiya @lucasbrumatti99 :wave:t6:, welcome to the forums! Sorry for the delay in response.

I looked into your site and I’m only seeing the new site https://lucasbrumatti.netlify.app/

Are you still experiencing this issue?

Hi @SamO!

Yes, I’m still experiencing this issue. I can see the old website when I search for it in google and I don’t really know why.

sorry, had to delete my comment, i misunderstood your issue, now, this is basically the same issue i described, google has already indexed your old site meaning it wont go anywhere

you have to either (a) wait (b) make it redirect to your new site or (c) make your old site return a 404 or smt (or just literally delete your old site)

this isnt a netlify issue, its a search engine index caching issue :+1: