I need to verify my domain

Hi, I’m Estefanía from Makata, and I’m having trouble verifying my domain to connect to a site.

My netlify site is https://mkt-web.netlify.app

I have my domain in GoDaddy makata.tv, and I’m trying to connect it to my netlify repo https://mkt-web.netlify.app.

The error I’m getting is this: name is already taken, makata.tv is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones.

I found a post about some txt record’s I needed to add to my DNS in Godaddy, so I added this record:

TXT @ verified-for-netlify 1 hora

Can you pls help me to get through this process? I need to launch my company sites and don’t want to have it down for a long time.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


Hi, @MakataStudio. I’m not seeing that DNS record when I test:

$ dig +noall +answer  makata.tv TXT
makata.tv.		3599	IN	TXT	"google-site-verification=EA7vucWsVBSv_XHO449OgSEy533gGGv05RUoKaQCd-w"
$ dig +noall +answer  verified-for-netlify.makata.tv TXT

Would you please double check that the DNS records has been created and is working? Also, be sure to use the URL for this topic (or at least the id # for it 33219) as the record value.

If there are questions about any of this, please let us know.

Hi Luke, thanks for your help.

I found the domain was being used with another email, so I deleted it and configured it again with my email. Everything it’s okay now.

Thanks for the follow-up, @MakataStudio, to confirm you resolved the issue.

If there are other questions in the future, please feel free to create new topics or posts here anytime.