I need to get SSL certs for our stanging branches

Hello, I followed this guide for setting up a subdomain for branch deploys while using another DNS provider.

Everything appears to be working via NSLOOKUP, so I just need to get SSL certs provisioned for the following domains. Could someone from Netlify look into this when they have a moment?

The two domains I am needing SSL certs for are:

Much appreciated!

hi there, we have extended the SSL certs for those two subdomains now :smiley:

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Hey Perry! We did some reconfiguring of our setup today to make things a bit easier on our end with regards to deploys.

The staging.fileaclaim.attorneygroup.com domain still appears to work, but it looks like the certificate is invalid. Any chance we can get it reprovisioned? No rush or anything. Thanks!

Hi, @brandonag. The SSL certificate has been extended to include staging.fileaclaim.attorneygroup.com for that site.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.