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I need help renewing my certificate (Let’s Encrypt error throwing) find screenshot below

Hello Community,
my custom website name: tharunp.tech

Look I get an error like this before I was configuring the DNS was not proper my custom was not working so i was redoing the work again by deleting the zone and doing it from scratch again for 2nd time I got my custom domain got worked.

But this error keeps popping in Netlify please get me to resolve this issue ASAP.

Hi @tharun_p,

It was probably a glitch. I just tried to renew your certificate and the error is now gone.

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Thank you so much. The error got resolved now. Now looks fine. The best community for support. You resolved as soon as I posted my problem. Thanks again.

Also, I would like to ask another one is about the SSL certificate with HTTPS that Netlify provides for free I am aware of it, but what happens after the SSL certificate gets expired after (3 months) do I have to go to the dashboard of Netlify and manually renew it or automatically does it gets renewed on its own.

Netlify starts attempting to renew the certificate automatically few weeks before the expiry. If it fails to renew, you get an email notification. If it succeeds, it’s silent and you don’t ever have to look at the SSL settings again.

Thanks again. Can I get back to you, if suppose I face any problems or issues in the future Thanks again for the quick solution and replies. @hrishikesh

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Sure thing @tharun_p.