I need help in my CMS

I installed CMS through netlifycms.org(deploy button)[Next.js Blog Template]
It deployed well and good,but I can’t login.I can’t reset my password also.

Please help.

You might need to set the email templates to link the accept invite link to the admin page. I’ve written a guide on how to do that, which you can find here:

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Well it was a simple fix.
I added the /admin to the link I received like mydomain.com/recoverytoken##### to mydomain.com/admin/recoverytoken####.

Thanks for helping!
if I had any other problems,I will ask

Now I have another doubt.
I was able to login to dashboard and edit my settings.
But when Netlify deployed a preview I get an error.


There are some hints in the deployment log. I don’t know what they mean but it might help you debug the situation:

1:05:54 PM: Failed to compile.
1:05:54 PM: 
1:05:54 PM: ./src/lib/config.ts:13:16
1:05:54 PM: Type error: Conversion of type '{ base_url: string; site_title: string; site_description: string; site_keywords: string[]; posts_per_page: number; twitter_account: string; github_account: string; }' to type 'Config' may be a mistake because neither type sufficiently overlaps with the other. If this was intentional, convert the expression to 'unknown' first.
1:05:54 PM:   Types of property 'site_keywords' are incompatible.
1:05:54 PM:     Type 'string[]' is not comparable to type '{ keyword: string; }[]'.
1:05:54 PM:       Type 'string' is not comparable to type '{ keyword: string; }'.
1:05:54 PM:   11 | };
1:05:54 PM:   12 | 
1:05:54 PM: > 13 | export default config as Config;
1:05:54 PM:      |                ^
1:05:54 PM:   14 |