I need advice for large site setup


My website www.example.org needs a new section where users can apply for jobs. I therefore thought about creating a microsite (jobs.example.org or example.org/jobs) following guidelines from the article “Building Large Sites on Netlify”. My problem is that www.example.org was created with a template created in Jquery and plain html/css. My initial thought was to create the job microsite in react and sanity and then link this page from www.example.org. However, I am a bit confused whether I should create a new git repository for the microsite or not since we already use a repository for the static page?

To clarify my question: Should I create a new git repository for the microsite or not?

Hi Joshua,

All of those options are reasonable. My suggestion is that you use two repos since you describe your site as “large” which implies that you have a large team or plans to have one, meaning that keeping projects split lets your team work in parallel.

Once you have two repos, in my opinion (just a matter of opinion here and mine is less valuable than yours since I don’t know your audience and you do!), it “looks” best to have one website, so example.org and example.org/jobs under the same hostname.

How to set that up at Netlify? Here’s the playbook: