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I need a real life example of the DNS records for an actual domain/www.domain at Netlify

I have domain.com at Netlify and trying to setup DNS records. The Netlify domain is domain-com.netlify.com . When I ping it several times I get two different IP addresses! I have no idea which IP to use.

I have another domain at Netlify which seems to be working but I cannot reproduce the model of its DNS records, which are displayed by Netlify as:
otherdomain.com 3600 IN NETLIFY otherdomain-com.netlify.com
www.otherdomain.com 3600 IN NETLIFY otherdomain-com.netlify.com

How in the heck is there a DNS Record Type “NETLIFY” ?

I really think I need a visual example of a working set of DNS records to model after, if someone would please contribute. Thanks, I’m stuck.

As stated in the docs

For domains managed by Netlify, we will automatically create “NETLIFY” records that point to our servers when you assign a domain or subdomain for your site.

Correct. And if you look at the TTL, you will see it is set to 20, meaning those IPs will change every 20 seconds. Also, given that Netlify sites are served from a CDN, the IP addresses you see are likely different to those I see because we are closer to different nodes.

As for a working example:

Hope this helps.

Thank you Coolmay. Right now I have NO DNS records for my domain chicagomegashop.com, I have had a very tough time with this and think I deleted all the records trying to “start over” and then failing to get anything working. Your domain for mine is chicagomegashop-com.netlify.com . Can you re-instate those 2 NETLIFY records you automatically create? Thank you.

Curious, what is the significants or mening behind xxxxxxx.netlify.com and xxxxxxx.netlify.app ?

Oh, wow, it just occurred to me, Coolmay, you may be a helpful reader and not a Netlify Support staff person. If thats the case. I wonder how I reach them to re-instate those two DNS records… darn.

<site>.netlify.com was originally used for site but Netlify switched the the .app domain as per this support guide.

As you duly noted, I am not a Netlify staff member, so this is beyond me.

If you delete the domain from Netlify, you can then re-add it and the NETLIFY DNS entries will get created again.

Seems to have worked PERFECTLY! Thanks.

I have a related question but I’ll post it as a new question.

If you have the time and inclination, please give it a look. (give me a few mins to get it posted)

On a side note, it’s possible for us to re-add the Netlify type records.

You mean in addition to coelmay’s solution to Delete DNS Zone?

That did work well. A little scary to do but actually no downsides and I didn’t have to make a request to Netlify.

It might be useful to have a button in the DNS section that Re-adds the NETLIFY records. One other suggestion is that the only solution to an erroneously created record is to DELETE it. Might be nice to be able to Edit a record too. But all is good. Thanks for tuning in.