I made a summary of netlify terms of service, self-serve subscription agreement and privacy statement

hello world

i decided to make a tl;dr of the netlify tos, sssa
and privacy as its a huge hunk of text, i simplified
and condensed it into a like 10 minute read rather than
like a 2 hour read

this might be useful for newcommers who are interested
in what theyre signing up for or people who just are interested in the tos, refreshing their memory or
if they havent read the tos and just clicked ‘i agree’
read the tos

anyway, just wanted to share this, yall might find it
useful :slight_smile: any corrections are more than
welcome ! just please provide me with the quote, what
was the error, the fix and the source of the fix

the tl;dr im talking about: Ari::web -> Blog -> Netlify ToS (terms of service) tldr

thank you for listening :slight_smile: hope i contributed something