I log into my Account but i can't see my Dashboard

This is what i see when i log in

I can get to the user profile page though

I assume you have tried all the basic troubleshooting (clear cache, hard refresh, turn off ad-block). If still no luck I can escalate this to an engineer to get it fixed for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @danyAde thanks for reaching out! Can you please confirm if this is still happening for you? I don’t see any restrictions on your account.

@kylesloper and @SamO Yes i have tried all of that and it still happens, only for this account, as i have tested on my other accounts and i do not have any of this problems

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So to confirm, this only happens on this account? Even if you use the same device but a different account, it’s all normal?

Are there any logs in the console?

Yes it only happens for this account
Let me check the console, this is what is in the console

Thanks for reaching out! Your account was cancelled because the payment method on file was no longer valid. I’ve temporarily reactivated the account in the event you want to pay your balance due and restore the account.

If there are other questions or concerns, please reply and we’ll be happy to answer.