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I haven't touched my domain settings in weeks, and just today it stopped connecting and now it's telling my to update my dns

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Sites name: https://infallible-lamarr-2fe106.netlify.app/
*Custom domain name: https://www.ahernandez.dev/

This error is happening due to no action on my part: I visited the website last night, it worked; this morning it does not and following the prescribed changes to my dns settings on digitalocean helps to no avail.

Hi @BleedingEffigy

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This is indeed strange, but not the first time recently domains using Google Domains DNS have all of a sudden stopped working. Configuration in Netlify will not have changed, only the DNS setting in Google.

To get things back up, you will need to follow the Configure external DNS for a custom domain documentation, or you could move DNS to Netlify following this documentation.