I have to reload a post on Netlify Support Forum to see the content

(I’m not a netlify newbie, but this is the closest topic I could find)

When I load my Post in Chrome, it comes up empty (no content); if I reload the page, then I see the content.

See attached.

  1. my posts
  2. after selecting first post
  3. after reloading post

Hiya, I haven’t had any issues like this on my end or other users reporting this. Perhaps it’s an issue with your network or browser? What happens when you clear your cache?

I experience this periodically, I’ve not investigated why it occurs, I just hit refresh.

It may be worth mentioning that this forum is just Discourse, so it’s not an issue that’s likely to be caused or rectified by Netlify.


Okay, I’m not going to worry about this too much. Some sort of browser/Discourse issue. I’ll close.