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I got extra bandwidth charge a lot this month

I was wondering why my site now consume 100GB bandwidth per day (domain name: hiddenstellar.com). It only contains UI without any AJAX call or anything. The files only 30MB.
But I found that somebody with this domain (stellarhidden.com) pointing to my site. Any suggestion what should I do ? I’ve already upgraded my team’s plan into business which contain DDos Secured Feature. The billing is still increasing until now, it charges me $20 a day, which is weird.

Hi @davidlo,

Looks like you also posted in helpdesk, we’d continue it there, unless you wish to discuss here.


I’m not sure what you mean, it would be great if you could clarify.

Yeah I’ve sent email too, can we just continue there ?

But until now, nobody reply me

Hello @davidlo ,

I hear that this is an important matter! I assure you that a Support Engineer will reply to your helpdesk ticket when they are able to. Please stay tuned to your email!