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I got an automatic charge of $7 on my account that i don't need and want to undo

This isn’t specific to a particular site.

I am using my netlify account to do some testing and honestly if i were to delete these sites i wouldn’t lose much. And I had my phone reset recently and hadn’t yet added the gmail account that i had my netlify account set up with. So I never really saw these warnings at 75% and 90% usage of build minutes that it had sent.

I just set up my account to see that it had added a $7 pack of 500 build minutes that will expire this billing cycle, which is the next few days. What the hell would I do with 500 minutes for a few days on an account that I have dummy test sites on???

This is honestly unacceptable. I don’t even have a credit card on file and their FAQ says that there is no way to set a hard limit on build minutes usage. You basically HAVE to get charged after the 300 minutes get used up.

I have raised a support ticket to have this purchase undone. But it says I have used 301 minutes which means it used 1 min from the pack it purchased which means I used their paid service and now have to pay the invoice to keep the account active and not run it into arrears.

I can’t believe they’d go for such an underhanded way to make money. I’ve been recommending netlify to pretty much everyone. I just lost a little bit of respect for netlify over this.

Is there a way to reverse this automatic “purchase” and not have it reflect on an invoice?

Hey, let’s not get all rude and aggressive, shall we? At least don’t spoil the holiday mood for the people. We get it you were charged “without your knowledge” and you couldn’t check our repeated reminders. Happens! We’re ready to let it go, so no need to call names!

Also, you were not charged for going 1 min over the limit. Do not forget that you got 5 hours of free minutes before you went 1 min over it. So, you basically used 5 hours of compute time on someone else’s computers!

So, we hope next time you won’t go over the limit, because if you do, we won’t be able to refund you. If you don’t wish to continue using Netlify, that’s fine, but we’d appreciate if you can be a bit polite in your tone the next time you contact us.


Hey Hrishikesh,

I’m really sorry about the tone. I agree it wasn’t right for me to be that aggressive over this issue. After all Netlify has been absolutely fantastic in every way. It was cheap to badmouth it over this, which to be fair, was largely my fault.

I guess I panicked right after I saw that email and i immediately headed over to the dashboard to see if there was a way to reverse it and I couldn’t find anything. And the FAQ said there is no way to prevent automatic charges or set hard limits on build minutes usage. It just felt like this was a calculated design, which made me a bit mad. But still didn’t justify the tone.

But anyway, thanks for the resolution.