I get a task timeout error of 10.02 seconds

I get a task timeout error of 10.02s, How can I solve this error?
Can you increase the time limit for this as you have done for other issues?

Site ID: ff231d41-91df-4f85-9fff-5580a8612fa6

Is there a solution other than increasing the statute of limitations?

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! We can increase the function timelimit to a max of 26 seconds for accounts that are either Pro-level or have a valid payment method attached (in case you exceed the free tier of function calls). Let me know if you would like to proceed!

Hello, as I understand it, if I just add a verified card without upgrading to the pro plan, can I get 26 seconds function timelimit for free?
For that, yes, I agree.

Hi! This is correct! We ask users to have a valid payment method on file (no need to upgrade to Pro) in case they incur overages from function calls. Let us know when you’ve added a payment method and we can bump up the timeout for you. Thanks!

I added a payment methd, could you please check it?

Excellent, thanks for doing that! I’ve increased the timeout, you’ll just need to redeploy the site for the changes to take effect. Let us know if you need any other sites increased, too. Thanks!

Thank you, I appreciate your help!