I deleted a DNS zone but the records where not deleted

Domain name: zerti.com.ar
Hi, I was migrating my DNS zone to another account, since it was not mine. To do that, I deleted my Zone so the other user could create it in his account. The problem is that the DNS records were not deleted, so he can’t use the subdomains that I had set up previously. For example, I had a page hosted in dev.zerti.com.ar, I deleted the DNS zone and removed the custom domain from the page, but he still can not host a page in his account with the same subdomain, it shows as taken. How can I delete all the DNS records that were previosly created?

Hi @NicoHalpe

zerti.com.ar is a live site, served by Netlify. If you want it, or a subdomain such as dev.zerti.com.ar available for use on another team, you need to remove ALL records. It is not possibly to have a domain associated with more than one team.

Oh thanks, I didn’t remember that I had that site published.