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I completed all the mission in Jamstack Explorers but i didnt recieved any code for swags or any email either about the completion of the missions

hello there,
I have watched ever single mission of netifly but I didn’t got any code for sticker/swags. Could you please provide me the code or see what is going on and why i am unable to get them.

thank you for the videos it was great to learn something usefull and which would increase my CV points.

thanks again and stay safe!

Hey there, @amanthegod :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums, and thanks so much for reaching out. I am so glad to hear that the explorers missions were useful for you!

Can you confirm if this is occurring on multiple browsers / machines? If the issue persists today, can you please attach a screenshot of what you are seeing on your local machine, as well as the link to your jamstack explorers profile? I will share this with the team that leads our Jamstack Explorers.

screenshots are attached.
previously i sent 3 screenshots but your site said i can send only 1 embedded message. So i sent you the last screenshot after which the message should come.
Profile - Jamstack Explorers (netlify.com) link

thanks for looking into this

p.s the first screenshot.
this have my name for proof

Thanks so much for confirming, @amanthegod!

I have shared this with the team that leads Jamstack Explorers, and we have an open github issue covering this. I cannot offer a timeline on when a update will be shared, but we will follow up on this thread once we have more information.


Ok thanks…please do it as soon as possible i am waiting for my first stickers!

thanks again for looking into this
stay safe!

I have let them know! Like I said, I cannot promise a timeline on this. Thanks for understanding, and I will reach out once we have an update!