I can't seem to access updated deploy through CNAME

After a deploy succeeds, I can access the latest version through the blogdalydayscom.netlify.app

I have a CNAME configured on my DNS provider blog.dalydays.com pointing to blogdalydayscom.netlify.app

When accessing the site via blog.dalydays.com it appears to be an older version.

I used to host my blog on render.com and I can’t seem to confirm whether or not it’s pulling from netlify when I go to blog.dalydays.com or if there is some other issue.

Hi @linucksrox

I currently see the same content when viewing blog.dalydays.com and blogdalydayscom.netlify.app. How often does it appear old content is served for? Does it come good after a period?

It is possible content is cached on your computer. Do you always use the same browser to test? If so, can you try a different browser of private/incognito window to see if the result is the same.

I’m not sure what render.com has to do with things though. Are you expecting render.com to store/serve the content for your site?

The latest version includes a WIP post I created on 2/11. It can be viewed here: https://blogdalydayscom.netlify.app/post/2022-02-11-ha-kubernetes-cluster-with-ansible-and-kubespray-wip/

If I attempt to access it via https://blog.dalydays.com/post/2022-02-11-ha-kubernetes-cluster-with-ansible-and-kubespray-wip/ the post is not found

So I guess this delay has been about 4 days, longer than I would expect. The same behavior exists using an incognito browser or coming from a different public IP using a VPN. I suspect a DNS issue, but it appears to be outside my control since all I have is a CNAME entry pointing blog.dalydays.com to blogdalydayscom.netlify.app, so I dare say it seems to be a Netlify issue (or I have the wrong settings in my Netlify account).

I don’t see the 404


Custom Domain

I have tested with and without VPN and multiple browsers and see the same thing with both URLs.

If you can provide the x-nf-request-id header for a request that returns no content, Netlify could investigate if there is something amiss on the CDN.


I wasn’t seeing that response header when going through the custom domain. I realized it was my stupid mistake, I have internal DNS that is authoritative on dalydays.com from my home network and from everywhere else it’s working correctly. Sorry to waste your time, but thank you for the help!