I can't access my CMS

Hey guys!

Sorry, I’m a super newbies here and I can’t access my admin area.

I did accept the invite, but it doesn’t directed me to the CMS area (I have another project in gatsby that I can access the area easily, but on this one with fast-deploy-with-next it doesn’t work).

I’ve tried renew the password, it doesn’t work.

The error is: ‘Email not confirmed’

Please help!

my repo is micazev/micazev.dev


Welcome to Netlify Community!

Can you just confirm that this is your repo.

In your repo description, there is a link to micazev.vercel.app but your repo is called micazev.dev, this site (micazev.dev) has the NEXT theme in the repo so I assume that this is the site this topic is about?

After finding what repo and site we are actually dealing with then we will be able to work on the CMS error.


yes, that’s my repo, It’s a NEXT theme.

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Thanks you confirming your repo, we still need a Netlify domain though.

it’s https://tender-euclid-8054e9.netlify.app

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It would be useful if I had an account on your identity to troubleshoot the problem. If you’re comfortable with this then I will send you my email for you to send a request to.

did you check your email, @micazev?