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I cannot edit or create new posts only when my site is deployed, when I'm in localhost works just fine

Hello, the issue is that I cannot edit or create new post when I’m working on my live website and doesn’t show any error but when I work in localhost I can edit an create normally.

My website name is romantic-darwin-4ac450 is currently on https://marcoml.dev

Hey there @MarcoML Welcome to Netlify Forums!

Do you have a Git repo we can look at?


Also, not completely sure, but I noticed, you seem to be using AMP on the admin page:

Maybe removing that would help?

Ohh I see, I’m currently using the netlify plugin directly on the dashboard idk how to exclude amp from the admin but I will look forward into it, thanks a lot.

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Let us know if that does the trick! If you have additional questions after further debugging, don’t hesitate to follow up.

It actually worked but now idk how to implement amp on gridsome idk if keep trying to ignore the admin with the amp-netlify plugin or do it manual with vue but at least now I know what is causing this issue, thank you.